Private Consultation. Includes a Clinical Examination and Treatment Plan €50.00

(This is redeemable if the patient proceeds with denture treatment)

Chrome Cobalt Dentures

Chrome Cobalt Denture €1650

Private Standard Acrylic Dentures

Partial Denture single tooth €300
2-3 Teeth €350

4-8 Teeth €400

9-14 Teeth €500

Private Injection Moulded Dentures

Plus Ivobase.
From €480 to €950

Full Upper and Lower Denture €1,700

Private Premium B.P.S.

Biofunctional Prosthetic System
B.P.S Fuller Upper and Lower Dentures with Lower Suction Denture €4,000 (Combining Dr. Jiro Abe’s Impression technique)

Gingival Characterisation with tooth staining P.O.A

Full Dentures

Full Upper and Lower Denture from €950

Additional Services

Denture Cleaning €55

Emergency Treatments

Same Day Denture Repair €80 - 110
Repair with Impression €100

Tooth Additions from €95

Denture Reline €200

Soft Denture Reline €250

Implant Retained Dentures

Price on consultation.

A deposit is required on all cases once the patient has decided to proceed with treatment following their consultation with the Clinical Dental Technician. The balance due will be divided over the remaining visits.