Cobalt Chrome Denture in Donabate

About Cobalt Chrome Denture

This denture is cast of metal alloys which consists of Cobalt, Chrome and are used for partially dentate patients only (with some of natural teeth remaining ). Chrome Cobalt dentures are more stable and retentive compared to acrylic partial dentures and have higher dimensional stability. It is also lighter, thinner and more comfortable type of partial denture.

If you have some remaining teeth, it’s definitely worth considering a metal denture, as they have so many advantages. Metal Denture has a great fit compared to acrylic dentures and they are more comfortable. Metal dentures have clasps and rests for better retention meaning that the dentures stay in really well.  They are less bulky, thinner and will not cover your pallet! This will allow you to taste your food better.

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In our denture clinic, we use digitally produced frameworks to provide high-quality metal dentures to our patients. This advanced manufacturing system allows us to fabricate CoCr SLM frameworks which are perfectly fitting, comfortable and durable.

Our Specialists:

Mr Sergejs Podoba Clinical Dental Technician is a registered Dental Healthcare Professional specialising in the field of removable dental prosthesis from Dublin Dental University Hospital, Trinity College Dublin. He has been specialising in Denture Fabrication since 2005.

Dr. Sergejs Podoba

Clinical Dental Technician

Olga Podoba

Practice Manager / Dental Technician

Tunde Virclis

Dental Technician