Denture Repairs and Reline in Donabate

About Denture Repairs and Reline 

Same-day denture repairs and tooth additions are provided here at Drogheda and Donabate Denture Clinics. We will advise you of the condition of your denture and the necessary steps needed in preventing further breakage. A denture reline will improve the stability and fit of your denture.

Our Specialists:

Mr Sergejs Podoba Clinical Dental Technician is a registered Dental Healthcare Professional specialising in the field of removable dental prosthesis from Dublin Dental University Hospital, Trinity College Dublin. He has been specialising in Denture Fabrication since 2005.

Sergejs Podoba

Clinical Dental Technician

Olga Podoba

Practice Manager / Dental Technician

Tunde Virclis

Dental Technician